How to make a 14-Day Plan to Detoxify our Body?


To detoxify the body is not necessary to fall into extreme diets. Today we propose a simple 14 day plan, with which you can continue eating in a balanced and safe way. Currently there are many plans to detoxify our body naturally, through diet. However, to avoid unwanted effects, it is essential to follow only those who respect the concept of balanced diet. What does this mean? Well, they are diet models in which all the groups of nutrients are included, in their proper measure. Unlike the popular “miracle” regimes, they propose to eat a bit of everything, avoiding only foods that can be irritating or loaded with toxins. So, today we want to share a cleansing plan of 14 days, ideal for those who are having digestive difficulties, overweight and other consequences of waste accumulation. Go ahead and follow him!

Why we Must Detoxify our Body

It is not something we “should” do, but it would be very good for our body. Every day we expose ourselves to toxins, mainly from food, but also from negative emotions, bad habits and environmental pollution. When during a certain period we are absorbing all these toxins, it is more likely that afterwards we will have health problems. If we follow a cleansing diet we can eliminate all those wastes that, when traveling through the bloodstream, detonate diseases.

“Also, detoxifying our body reduces the burden on vital organs and makes them work more efficiently”. 

Therefore, the ideal is to do it on a regular basis, especially if you perceive symptoms such as:

  • Recurrent indigestion
  • Bad breath
  • Acid reflux
  • Abdominal inflammation
  • Slow intestinal transit
  • Headaches

Start with the Detoxification Diet

Before starting to detoxify our body, it is good to keep in mind some very important issues. For example, that adequate rest is vital, as well as including proteins and vitamins in the daily diet. During this two-week program to cleanse the body it is good to avoid the following foods: gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar. On the other hand, it is advisable to increase the intake of raw fruits and vegetables, brown rice, nuts, sea salt and olive oil. So that it does not become a boring plan, the meals must be varied and complete. How? Preparing light recipes containing foods with macronutrients and micronutrients. With regard to drinks, in these 14 days it is advisable not to consume coffee, milk, soft drinks or alcohol, nor sports drinks or industrial juices. Green tea, natural smoothies and homemade juices are the best alternative to detoxify our body.

Important Issues

A separate paragraph deserves water, our primary source of hydration. Many people underestimate the power of this drink and do not consume it properly. During the two weeks of detoxification, you should consume at least 2 liters of water daily. In addition, it is recommended to take a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon on an empty stomach. This drink has properties that tone the liver and kidneys, key excretory organs in the purification. In the same way, it favors the expulsion of toxins and lipids.

  • It is important to be alert to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue or muscle cramps. If these side effects occur, it is better to suspend the detoxification plan.

Foods that Cannot be Lacking in the Diet to Detoxify

In addition to the advice we have offered in the previous lines, it is good to share in detail the depurative foods par excellence. Make the purchase and do not forget to have them available for your 14-day detox diet!


It is a wonderful source of vitamin C and E, as well as beta-carotene and minerals. It is very good for the liver and kidneys.

Wholemeal Bread

It works like a sponge to absorb and subsequently eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the walls of the intestine. You will excrete everything that does not work through the stool and, in addition, it will help you to have a healthier skin.


The fiber provided by this fruit is good for improving intestinal health. Drink a glass of natural apple juice per day to eliminate toxins and reduce cholesterol. You can also consume the raw apple as many times as you want.


They contain many antioxidants, such as bioflavonoids. These have the ability to protect the cells and stimulate the depurative process.


It is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and antioxidants. This aromatic helps us improve kidney function. The kidneys can better filter the toxic substances that accumulate in the blood.


It fights the uric acid and the residues of the metabolism. In addition, it purifies the liver and urinary tract clean.


It promotes the expulsion of uric acid and other metabolic waste. It also helps regulate the pH of the blood and decreases the risk of diseases.


This delicious fruit is used to clean the gallbladder, regulate blood pressure and eliminate fluids accumulated in the body, thanks to its contents of vitamin C and potassium.

Integral Rice

This food contains a substance known as phytin, which helps to detoxify our body. Its assimilation controls excess acidity and helps disintegrate toxins.

Have you detoxified your body lately? As you can see, you can follow a simple plan without falling into extremes. Make light meals for 14 days and supplement it with water and the mentioned foods.

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