3 Simple Habits that Helps you in Weight Loss without Going Hungry!

Learning to combine food properly can be essential to achieve weight loss without going hungry and, most importantly, not recover it in the future. If we have proposed to lose weight to achieve a balanced weight, we may be assaulted by doubts. There are many types of diets, some of them contradictory. In addition, not all work with the same effectiveness in each person. However, there are some very useful and general tips that can help us lose weight. Discover in this article 3 simple habits that facilitate healthy weight loss without going hungry.

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Losing Weight Without Going Hungry is Possible

We have a wrong concept of weight loss. We associate it only with a restriction of fats and calories, a decrease in rations and an increase in exercise. Although these are general guidelines, the truth is that there are many factors that influence weight loss.

“The most advisable thing is to lose weight in a gradual and healthy way. In addition, we should adopt good habits that we can maintain in the long term”.

In this way, although we take a little more time to get the right weight, the result will be more durable and we will avoid the rebound effect. Going hungry is never a good option. The people who make this unnecessary sacrifice ignore that the body is intelligent. Thus, this act is the only thing that favors the reserves of fat and attacks of hunger.

3 Simple Slimming Habits

Among the different factors that facilitate weight loss, we recommend these 3 simple habits. These can help you lose weight and also prevent health problems.

1. Drink Water

Experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. This, in addition to helping us to be healthier, can also help us in losing weight. Water participates in numerous body functions. For example, it is present in the blood, the lymph of the immune system, etc. Therefore, its consumption is very important to lead a healthy life. Also, it also participates in the excretory system since it is part of the urine and faeces. In this way, it is necessary to eliminate waste products and toxins from our body. Thus, it is good to avoid fluid retention as it favors its elimination through urine. In this way, we will feel less bloated. In addition, it also participates in the juices of the digestive system, so it helps us to digest food. Thus, it is advisable to drink water at meals. However, we should also do it between meals. And it can help us reduce the feeling of hunger.

It is best to drink water simply. However, we can also consume it in fruit or in certain healthy drinks as infusions. However, in no case should we completely replace the water with any of these drinks. Also, if we want to lose weight, we should avoid sugary or industrial drinks. These, in addition to water, contain chemicals that can make us fat. Also, if our weight loss plan includes exercise, we should increase your consumption. In this way, water, although it will not make us lose weight miraculously, can be of great help in this task.

2. Food Combination

In addition to eating a balanced diet, learning to combine food is a very effective key to losing weight. The important thing is to discover which are the foods that, if we mix them, fatten us much more than if we eat them at another time. In addition, thanks to this guideline, we can improve many digestive disorders and even combat fluid retention and swelling.

Foods that we should not mix:

  • Different types of protein in the same meal. Some examples are meat, fish, eggs or legumes. One serving of protein per meal is sufficient. We should also alternate that of animal and vegetable origin.
  • Desserts, best snack. When mixed with foods that do not contain sugar, digestion can be difficult.
  • The protein, better with vegetables. The typical burger with potatoes is fattening because of the calories it has. However, the bad combination of protein and carbohydrates can worsen this effect.

Whenever we eat meat we should accompany it with a serving of vegetables.

  • In addition, it is highly recommended not to overindulge in meals. We should eat the quantities we need, but in moderation. In this way, we can eat all kinds of food, but in adequate quantities.

3. Smart Dinners

The most important meal of the day that we should keep in mind if we want to lose weight is dinner. What we eat at night often becomes reserves of fat in our body.

There are two issues to consider:

Dinner early: we do not recommend eating anything two hours before going to bed. Thus, we will give the body time to digest the dinner before going to bed. This will not only help us lose weight, it can also encourage our rest.

Light dinner: at night we must reduce the consumption of carbohydrates (bread, pizza, pasta, potato), as they provide us with too much energy. On the other hand, it is a good option to choose some vegetable protein, for example. In any case, we can add a small portion of cereals such as quinoa, oats or millet, which are rich in fiber. The chickpea flour is also an excellent alternative to flour to make pancakes and other body types.

Finally and as an extra, we also recommend regular exercise. It does not have to be too intense, just keep you active. You can go for a walk every day, for example. This will not only help you reach your ideal weight, but you will be healthier.

What do you think of these tips to lose weight? Do you dare to incorporate them into your life? They are very simple to follow and can help you in the struggle to lose weight.

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