Know the 5 Amazing Benefits of Maca for the Organism!

The benefits of maca for the body are undoubtedly one of the most potent, maca root is popularly known as the “Peruvian ginseng,” which is used in those where you want to achieve a better balance of hormone responses. Sexual, when it has been altered and affected by stress, since maca provides why nutritional results and regulates the endocrine system through the action it exerts on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Maca is effective in controlling these types of problems, it makes optimal functioning in these glands, which are the patterns of the entire endocrine system, and if this works correctly, it can help and ensure that all the glands are receiving the right signals. And sex hormones fulfill a better response. To know a little more about the root of the maca it is necessary to make clear the details and history of this incredible and complete plant.

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Maca’s History:

Maca has an important value in South America, since it is cataloged as the “Peruvian ginseng” known scientifically as Lepidium Meyenii, it is a plant that belongs to the root vegetable family, which is made up of a rather leafy herbaceous cover, It has a certain similarity with the radish or turnip family, but with the great difference that this plant grows at great heights. Did you know that there are antecedents where it is said that the Inca soldiers took the maca root with them to the battles, to strengthen their resistance, strength and speed? The story also tells that the ancient Peruvians used this root as a currency, not an interesting fact? It was implemented as a way of trade, since this root played an important role in natural medicine, for more than 300 years. The Incas were very jealous with this plant, so much so that its use in the imperial family was not allowed, the power and the valuable meaning for them by their properties was considered restricted for certain cases. But Subsequently, the maca was spreading throughout some countries as was the case in Spain, the maca plant was used in court, for royalty because its nutritional properties, the large percentage of amino acids, and the contribution for the increase in energy, made this plant have value and importance that is extremely beneficial for health.

Mode of Use:

Nowadays maca root is considered as a natural energizer, there are certain types of uses and various forms of preparation to be consumed. The common and traditional methods of preparing maca, is to cook the fresh root, which can be boiled or crushed since it gives off a thick liquid that is considered the extract, or you can also roast the maca root and consume that way. There are manu benefits of maca powders that are marketed and used more easily. When raw maca is ingested, it contains thick fibers and a high content of goitrogens, which people who suffer from stomach sensitivity or thyroid problems, it is not recommended to consume it in this way, since it causes gastric problems. Maca also has properties if it is allowed to ferment, since it is used to make beer, these are other procedures that go beyond, cereal-loving people can use maca as an alternative to accompany this food, since it is left dry and toast and has a great flavor when combined with cereal. Also maca root is used in the manufacture of flour and uses in baking, there is even a freeze-dried maca juice that is already available in the markets. In North America and some European countries, maca powder is processed and enjoys a status and privilege as a potent natural adaptogen or used by men and women to balance their hormones.

Maca Cultivation:

Maca crops only occur at higher levels with sandy and mountainous loam soils, this type of plant tends to deplete soil nutrients, so it is necessary to conduct good soil, and organic fertilizer. The leaves also contains the benefits of maca grow in the form of branches, they extend very close to the surface of the soil and are continually being renewed from the center, and the older leaves in the outer circle finally dry out and die. From the benefits of maca plant they sprout small flowers of an off-white color, these fertilize themselves and become small fruits that contain seeds. These seeds germinate in about a week, and because they belong to root vegetables, there are different sizes, shapes and color.

Different Types of Maca Colors:

Maca has different types of color, and those colors will depend on the genetic variety and specific phenotypes. The types of colors vary from roots of yellow, red, cream, or purple, and also exist from darker blue or black shades. Still the subject of colors is being examined and investigated to know specifically the properties and their therapeutic qualities, but it is believed that the yellow maca root works very well for cases of sexual dysfunction, and as a result increases libido and there will be an improved response sexual. While red maca contains a high value of amino acids, which establishes and helps the basic components of the proteins that exist in the body, this type of maca powder is recommended and used for those who seek a better hormonal balance, better endurance, strength and help control moods.

“When we refer to black or dark maca powder, it is the most suitable for those who want to increase their fertility and have a better response of the immune and digestive system”.

Maca Benefits:

The benefits of maca, contain a large amount of the most important nutrients for the body, this simple root has many properties that at first glance may seem like a normal plant, but what it contains causes it to become a root that we all want to consume, both for its nutrients and for the energy it provides, which makes it a complete food.Some other benefits of Maca is a source of essential amino acids, it also contains mineral salts, vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids and fibers, it is a plant that at the level of chemical composition is fully scientifically supported. Thanks to these compositions the maca is able to:

1. Improve the Response to Stress, Fatigue and Endurance:

What makes it a very good resource for people who want to improve their sports performance, since these invigorating and energizing properties, act on glycogenesis, which is the production of glucose from the body’s energy reserves; these make them available in the body and circulate better in the body when the body is in physical or intellectual activity.

2. Anabolic Improvement:

The presence of amino acids in maca, helps muscle structures, and give the body more anabolic properties since it helps increase muscle mass in athletes, and that is why its consumption is indicated by its nutritional supplement in activities where consumption of energy be higher.

3. Strengthens Hemoglobin and The Immune System:

Thanks to its high content of vitamins A, C and B complex, calcium, iron and zinc, it is the perfect and beneficial alternative to raise the level of hemoglobin, so its use is recommended to treat any type of anemia; and in turn it gives strength and improves the immune system, thus fighting all the symptoms of influenza, fever, cough and allergies.

4. Regulates the Hormonal System:

Maca is a plant that contains alkaloids and sterols which helps to have a regulatory action in the hormonal system, since it is so wonderful that it is capable of promoting female and male fertility, which guarantees its success in aphrodisiac meals. In women, it has a stimulating effect on the maturation of the Graaf follicles and the enlargement of the endometrium, and that is not all, it also reduces premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea, it is an ally to regularize the menstrual cycle; and in cases of pregnancy and lactation it is an activator and remineralizer. In the case of men it tends to favor the seminal amount and increases the number of sperm by ejaculation and helps sperm motility.

5. Delays Cell Aging:

In addition to all the features mentioned above, maca is an important ally for maintaining the beauty of the skin and our hair. Vitamins A, C and E have high antioxidant properties against premature aging of cells and against hair loss; these vitamins are used in cosmetics only to delay the effects of time.


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