7 Supposed Fitness Realities That Can Do You More Harm Than Good

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How many times have you followed the recommendations of your friends, family and even training advisors and have not obtained the results you expected?

In the world of fitness there are as many myths as there are realities, many of them born of truths supposedly confirmed by large-scale scientific studies, which in reality end up being something more than rumors based on purely rationalized logic.

What should we do then? Who should we listen to? Tune your ear the next time you get advice and identify these 7 supposed fitness realities that can do you more harm than good.

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7 Supposed fitness realities that can hurt you

1.Exercising is all that matters to get fit

Losing weight is a process composed of many parts, and exercising is only one -extremely important, that cannot be denied- of him.

According to various studies in the field of nutritional medicine, diet is more important than exercise if you want to start losing weight. But this does not mean you should start starving yourself just so you do not jog a little or do a few squats. Unlike. While a healthy and balanced diet is the first step, what will give you the body you want in the long term is precisely the exercise.

Like any healthy process, it is composed of different parts that must maintain the balance between them.

2.You should only exercise in the early hours of the day

Get happy! Certainly exercising in the morning is really beneficial, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy those extra minutes of sleep and perform your training routines at night. Of course, according to some experts, exercising early in the morning helps accelerate weight loss and increases energy levels by making the body burn fat throughout the day.

In addition, taking more sunlight can play an important role in losing weight and aligning the internal clock-the circadian rhythm-can boost your metabolism.

In the end, it’s all about your interests. You can sacrifice a few hours of sleep for a good sunbath or take advantage of them to charge your body for a training session at the end of the working day. Either way, both options work!

3.Keeping a meal diary is the best way to record what you eat

This is a double-edged sword. Certainly, a diary is an excellent tool to keep track of our dietary intake. However, whenever we make an effort to be aware of what we eat and what we do not eat, and how active we are being, we tend to give ourselves more credit than we deserve.

When we do this, we make ourselves look like the hero of our own telenovela, overestimating physical activity and dismissing the amount of food consumed. As a result, we begin to believe that we have worked more and eaten less.

4.You have to eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from your diet to lose weight

This is one of the most common problems with most of the fashionable recommendations about fitness: they are pure temporary modalities.

Certainly, by eliminating carbohydrates and sugars from the diet, the decrease in body fat will be evident. However, with it, you may even leave part of the muscle mass and energy with which we are accustomed to functional. Why? Believe it or not, eating sugar and carbohydrates is not a whim. Our body needs them.

So, even if it’s hard to believe, it’s not about eliminating these two food forms from your dishes. Find a healthy source, natural and as pure as possible of these ingredients. Everything is a matter of strategy.

5.Women should not develop musculature, they will look like men

In a recent survey conducted by the Nautilus company team, only 13% of participants said they thought women could not lift weights without becoming men.

Nowadays, it is more common every day to see how women are incorporated into high impact muscular practices, and these, far from distancing them from their gender, highlight their feminine qualities.

It is perfectly healthy for everyone to lift weights. The ability to tone and mark muscles depends directly on the amount of testosterone we have, and women produce on average much less testosterone than men. So, if you are a woman, the chances of you becoming a mole are very small.

6.Running a marathon is the best alternative to get fit

Running may not be your thing, that’s fine. And, for your luck, it is not a determining requirement to get in shape. You can stop feeling guilty for not signing up for the marathon that everyone is talking about, since it turns out that you can get the same benefits of running long distances without even going over kilometer one.

Running fast and with intensity for just five minutes a day can bring you the same benefits as if you were doing it for hours. In fact, people who run less than an hour a week – while doing so for several minutes each day – get similar benefits in terms of heart health than those who run for more than three hours a week.

In addition, years of research suggest that small bursts of intense exercise can bring the same health benefits as long-term workouts, in addition to being more fun.

7.It is enough to exercise once or twice a week to maintain the figure

Here that annoying condition intervenes: everything depends. What are you chasing? What are your goals?

If you have already achieved the figure you want or are in a physical state that satisfies you, exercising once or twice a week will not benefit you too much. What is the minimum, then? At least three times a week, and distributed equally among the seven days that comprise it.

However, the best option is always, of course, to do at least one small exercise routine a day.


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