Diet of Pineapple to Lose Weight, Advantages and Disadvantages!

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Losing weight is a timeless issue, but with pineapple?. All times of the year carry with them the quest to lose weight by those who have a few extra pounds: the excesses of Christmas in winter, the bikini operation in summer or an event such as a wedding nearby, a trip or a special event. They have the word “diet” in their heads throughout the year. We look for options like the Diet of the Pineapple to lose weight or the Diet of the Soup and although they are plans rich in fruits like the own pineapple or vegetables, they are not always completely healthy.

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Properties of the pineapple

Previously we already talked about the Diet of the Pineapple, a really good diet if what you are looking for is to retain liquids. However, everything in this life has its face and its cross and today we want to show it to you. The diet of the pineapple to lose weight also has its drawbacks and it is important to know them to not play with your health.

Advantages of the Diet of Pineapple to Lose Weight

 The diet of the pineapple to lose weight is one of the best known thanks to its many benefits. Besides helping us lose weight fast, it has other advantages derived from the properties of its main ingredient:

Diuretic: Nothing better to eliminate liquids. The retention of liquids is not associated only with a high weight, but anyone can suffer without knowing it. Do not trust yourself simply for being thin, we recommend you to carry out an anthropometric study to calculate your amount of fluids and, if you get high levels, perform the Diet of the Pineapple to eliminate them and combine it with the daily infusions and especially with drinking a lot. Water, even if you’re not thirsty.

Rich in vitamins: With a large presence of Vitamins B1, B6 and C, as well as folic acid and various types of minerals, the Diet of the Pineapple will keep you well nourished while you are looking to lose weight and end liquid retention.

Rich in fiber: The best remedy for constipation is to follow a diet rich in fiber. The pineapple is it and besides improving the digestions, facilitating the digestive rhythm and relieving the stomach pains, it also helps us to kill possible parasites that we could have in the intestines.

Short duration: Unlike most diets, the Diet of the Pineapple to lose weight you only has to do it 2 days a week for a maximum period of 2 weeks. After this, you should rest a month before doing it again.

“This helps us to better withstand the hunger we can have with her and to become aware of the importance of not skipping her on the days that we need to”.

With the DIETA de la Piña there is no boredom or anxiety, since the other 5 days of the week we can eat whatever we want (always with logic),

Disadvantages of the Diet of the Pineapple

But it also has its detractors for some inconveniences or associated side effects:

Very restrictive:  Obsessing with the Diet of the Pineapple to lose weight and skip the recommended duration can lead us to have health problems because it is a very restrictive food plan and with obvious shortcomings.

You must accompany it with something else: Having a very short duration, it is almost essential to accompany it with exercise and a balanced diet the rest of the days in which you have carte blanche. If you only carry it out for 2 days and the rest you get binge of sweets, fried and fat, you can have the opposite effect.

Very limited: As the name suggests, the diet of pineapple to lose weight is based almost exclusively on this fruit. If you do not like it, you will have a problem to follow it. Try to look for alternatives, such as taking it alone in juice if you like it more like that or dressing it with a little stevia.


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