How To Lose Weight After Christmas

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When Christmas approaches and with it the beginning of the new year many of us set ourselves good intentions, being to lose one of the most common. However, if we try to meet that goal by following the wrong methods, our purpose will probably be abandoned in a few weeks. Therefore, it is necessary that we know some basic ideas that help us reach our goal.

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Why do I get fat?

The main reason we get fat is simply by consuming more calories than we burn. In other words, we currently eat more than we really need and we also maintain a sedentary lifestyle, aggravating the problem.

It is true that this is not the only explanation that people are obese, there are environmental or genetic factors that can make some people predisposed to gain weight. However, following some basic guidelines we can achieve to see ourselves better in front of the mirror and, what is better, improve our health in the medium and long term.

Do not obsess over calories

The total number of calories consumed matters, but what is really important is going to be the macronutrients that we choose for our diet.

When it comes to losing weight, carbohydrates will be our main enemy (even more than fat), so we should cut back on their consumption. In the event that we decide to consume them, it is convenient to choose quality carbohydrates and / or rich in fiber such as potato, sweet potato, oats, rice and gluten-free cereals.

Regarding proteins, they will be our best ally to lose weight without going hungry since it is shown to accelerate metabolism and helps reduce appetite (1).

Therefore, by consuming various sources of protein you will be able to feel satiated for most of the day and you will avoid the temptation to consume carbohydrates and sugary foods.

As for fats, they have been blamed for a long time that a significant percentage of the population is obese, however, a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates also helps to consume fewer calories (2).

With this we do not mean that fats are healthy, but that our weight and health will depend fundamentally on the rest of the food we eat and the habits we follow.

However, for our health it is going to be vital to avoid any type of transaturated fats as well as processed foods, since not only will they get fat but they will harm your health. Instead, it will be more advisable to consume natural foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats.

In short, we can say that you should try to consume a high amount of protein and eat fewer carbohydrates. In this way, we will be better able to establish a healthy eating style that is easier to follow over time.

How often should I eat?

Surely if you have previously done any diet you have heard something about the importance of eating several meals a day to keep you slender.

The fact of eating every 2-3 hours is not feasible for most people and also has not been shown to have any effect on body weight. The best option is to eat when you are hungry, but always worrying about choosing healthy foods.

However, you should try to have prepared what you will eat when you are hungry ahead of time, because if you do not have anything healthy, it is most likely that you choose the first food you see, so you should spend some time to plan your meals , but without obsessing with looking at the clock.

Avoid sugary drinks

If you want to lose weight, the first step is to eliminate completely from your diet sodas, fruit juices, milk with chocolate and any other beverage that contains sugars.

This type of drinks contains a large amount of calories and also increases the desire to consume more calories despite having already ingested them (3).As for fruit juices, we must be careful with them since their consumption can facilitate the intake of large amounts of sugar in a short time.

If you want to consume sugar try to eat pieces of fruit, which also have sugars, but not so harmful to the body.

Drink more water

Drinking more water will help you burn more calories throughout the day (4). In addition, consuming it before meals can help us eat fewer calories (5).Coffee and green tea is also excellent drinks because caffeine can help stimulate our metabolism, at least in the short term (6).

Do not trust labels

We must be careful when making the purchase since not always food labels tell us the truth about the composition of these.

For example, there are some foods that have the claim of being “low in fat”, which a priori may seem healthy, but it is not since such foods contain a large amount of sugar to compensate for the bad taste they have.

Our advice is that before buying a food; look at its ingredients well as it may not be as healthy as advertised at first.

Exercise to lose weight

Physical activity is going to be a fundamental factor if we want to burn more calories than we consume. In fact, if we follow a restrictive diet in calories but do not exercise, in the long term our metabolism will slow down, so the task of losing weight will become more complicated.

If we do a routine with weights we can achieve more muscle mass, which in turn will help us to accelerate our metabolism and with it the total number of calories burned by our body.

If you feel lazy to join the gym, you can start doing some exercises in a park or at home (squats, push-ups, trunk lifts … etc.). Other options are walking, swimming or going for a run, which will not only help you lose weight, but increase your well-being.

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