How Many Meals Should You Take Daily to Lose Weight?

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Current trends advise the intake of 5 or 6 daily meals. Eat several times does not guarantee anything, but take into account the basic principles when losing weight. Eat three times a day, five or six?  This is one of the most controversial issues in the world of fitness today. So far, the trend of coaches and nutritionists is to make several scales in food. Can you lose weight this way? The issue of food rations is being given much importance. This can lead people to think that it’s all about the number of servings consumed per day. And although this may be true in part, the issue is much more complex.

Although there is no consensus on the matter, the truth is that: current trends in nutrition advise the intake of 5 or 6 meals a day.

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Eating Several Times Helps us to Accelerate the Metabolism

Certainly, this practice has its advantages. The first thing is that the metabolic process is regulated in our favor. By accelerating metabolism we prevent fat from accumulating; unfavorable situation that happens, precisely, when we spend long hours without eating. In other words, making a few heavy meals generates that our body is programmed to accumulate fat. This is a mechanism that the body uses to supply the energy charge during long periods when we do not feed ourselves. On the contrary,

“Making several meals allows maintaining positive levels of insulin and sufficient energy to face the task”.

Fats do not accumulate because the energy is consumed throughout the day. This is key to losing weight and acquiring good habits. In those habits we should not forget the physical exercise.

Controlling Anxiety

Anxiety is a factor that makes it difficult for people to adopt a healthy diet. The vagaries of food are presented, even more, just when we face the diets and we manage to lose weight. The results: surrender, frustration and return to bad eating practices. Sometimes, this happens out of necessity, anxiety or simple taste. The truth is that getting used to a diet of several meals could reduce the effects of the so-called “emotional hunger”. In fact, this system allows eating snacks to compensate for the realization of controlled meals from a nutritional and quantity point of view. Fruits or even proteins like chicken can effectively combat anxiety. The idea is to have a feeling of fullness, without exaggeration.

But not Everything Focuses on the Amount of Meals

Eating several times is recommended, but does not guarantee anything. In fact, people who make 3 heavy meals and turn to snacks are more likely to get fat. This type of consumer eats more than 3 times a day and does not necessarily discount. The important thing to eat several times is to prepare rations controlled and reduced in size. Added to this, there are hours that are more suitable for the intake of carbohydrates and others where they are not allowed. The idea is to restrict foods that are also harmful to human health. Verify the rations, include vegetables and fruits, eliminate saturated fats and sugars, they continue to be basic principles when it comes to losing weight.

Lose Weight by Leaning Towards Some Foods

There are foods that contribute to the acceleration of human metabolism. For example, chicken contains a protein that feeds and helps lower fat. This is a basic food for people dedicated to the world of fitness. The egg has a similar effect. In addition, fruits and vegetables such as apple, green grapefruit, broccoli and lettuce also facilitate this body function. Low-sugar coffee, green tea and protein shakes feed healthy. All these are foods that also encourage the development of the muscles. This type of food products are included in the diets of several servings. As we see, losing weight does not depend exclusively on the frequency, but also on the quality and quantity of the food eaten.

Of Course, Everything is Relative

Even though the diet of the 6 meals is booming, we must remember that each organism is different. Therefore, before adopting this food habit, it is advisable to contact a nutritionist. Your evaluation will be key to choosing a feeding method. To complete, nothing is better to speed up the metabolism than to comply with a body workout routine. Exercises with weight and aerobics will be an essential element to obtain better results.


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