What all should be considered before starting an extreme diet?



It is necessary to take precautions with this type of Eating, and it is that they require the supervision of a specialist; do not have to adopt it those people who have diabetes or cardiovascular problems. To start an extreme diet there are some factors that you must take into account if you want to achieve the desired results without risking your health.

“Extreme diets make it possible to lose a large amount of weight in a short time, which is why they are extremely popular”.

However, without proper guidance, it is very likely that you leave the diet without losing weight and suffer a rebound effect, that is to say, you lose weight, but you recover it as quickly after finishing the diet.

Therefore, take note of these tips.

Go to a Specialist Before an Extreme Diet

Before starting an extreme diet you should go to a specialist to determine if it is safe for you. Extreme diets promise fantastic results, although they are not recommended for all people. Many researchers have shown that extreme diets can cause gallstones and complications that it is better to avoid. Other studies indicate that we can develop cardiovascular problems with this class of diets. Your health is the most important and you should not put yourself at risk under any circumstances, no matter how fresh the diet seems.

Going to a specialist will allow you to have realistic and concrete expectations of how much weight you can lose.Remember that many factors intervene in weight loss: sex, body composition, etc. A specialist will make the correct adjustments so that everything works properly.

Start Exercising

Extreme diets can make you lose a large amount of weight in a short time. However, to avoid rebounding you have to start exercising and make it part of your routine. The European Obesity Congress of 2014 presented studies that show that extreme diets lose muscle mass. Integrating an exercise routine to your day to day will facilitate the reduction of overweight prior to starting an extreme diet. The most effective exercises to lose weight are those that intersperse a high impact exercise with a short rest period. You can combine cardiovascular exercise with lifting weights to tone your entire body and get better results.

To motivate you to exercise, you can support yourself from your family or friends; accompanying an activity is always easier. Likewise, you can focus on activities that you enjoy, such as dancing, swimming or even doing extreme sports. 

Do Not Eliminate Essential Nutrients

Most extreme diets usually limit most food groups. For this reason you run the risk of causing disorders in the body and lose muscle tone. Therefore, before beginning an extreme diet check that it provides the minimum amount of nutrients required. Calories are the body’s gasoline. If you eliminate the eliminates the body has no fuel for its operation, warns Dr. Kristin Kierpatrick, a nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic.

If you do not make sure you provide the essential nutrients, you will feel fatigued at all times and your body could collapse. To enjoy good health, you must consume different types of food. This will help your body function properly and prevent diseases.

Take a Lot of Water

When you eat an extreme diet, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated due to the low intake of food. Therefore, it is highly recommended to drink water throughout the day. Dr. Louis Aronne, an obesity specialist at Presbyterian University Hospital in New York, explains that the body compensates for the lack of nutrients with fluids during extreme diets. Before starting an extreme diet, drink enough water for at least a week.

Set Long-Term Goals

Although extreme diets will give you results quickly, the best way to avoid rebounding is to set long-term goals. These diets can be a good starting point in the thinning process. However, your life during and after the diet should be healthy. This includes eating food from all groups, playing sports and sleeping properly.  It is very important that you avoid starting an extreme diet every so often.

In case you feel there has been an accumulation of toxins, you can do a detoxifying process. However, be careful that it is not too dramatic or unhealthy.


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