Is Water with Lemon & Flax seed Beneficial in Loosing Weight?


Preparing water with lemon and flax seed is a healthy way to support weight loss by adopting a healthy diet. Its properties calm hunger and help eliminate toxins. The natural drink of water with lemon and flax seed is one of those natural complements that have gained fame as an alternative to lose weight. While it is not a formula for burning fat overnight, its intake as part of the diet offers interesting benefits.

“Both lemon and flax seeds have nutrients that support metabolism”.

Its inclusion in the diet reduces the episodes of anxiety and facilitates some digestive and hepatic processes that intervene in weight loss. Today there are many people who are interested in learning how to prepare it, since it is a simple option to fight against overweight. Which are your main benefits? We tell you in detail what you get by taking this preparation.

Why is Water Recommended with Lemon and Flax Seed to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a complex process that can vary according to the functions of each organism. Although a good diet and exercise are the keys to achieve it, there are those who have a lot of difficulty. On the one hand, it is very difficult to start modifying the habits of another moment, especially when you have lived in a sedentary lifestyle. The other issue is that the metabolism does not work the same in everyone and many have facilities and others do not. But, putting aside this, there are several supplements of natural origin that can be useful to achieve the goal without going through “suffering”. Water with lemon and flax seed, for example, has nutrients and slimming effects that support food.

Its regular consumption not only promotes the detoxification of the body, but also improves the immune health and prevents some diseases. In addition, it reduces the segregation of hunger hormones and is a low-calorie option to keep the body hydrated.

Benefits of Lemon to Lose Weight:

Lemon juice is one of the natural ingredients that have led diets to lose weight. Due to its contributions of vitamin C and essential minerals, it is a complete food to strengthen the immune functions and improve the physical state. For decades it has stood out for its diuretic, antioxidant and alkalizing properties, which give it several benefits for both weight and health. Its regular intake combats inflammation and protects tissues against several antigens that interfere with health.

  • Its citric acid stimulates the segregation of bile, substance produced in the vesicle for the correct digestion of lipids.
  • Thanks to its contribution of dietary fiber, it improves the digestion process and inhibits the anxiety to eat.
  • In turn, this nutrient favors the control of bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Benefits of Flax Seed to Lose Weight:

The incorporation of flax seeds in the human diet has spread in the last decade. After knowing that they are good for digestive health and weight control, many people have not hesitated to acquire them. And, despite their tiny size, they are a very significant source of nutrients.

  • They contain light doses of omega 3 fatty acids, recognized for their anti-inflammatory action and cardiovascular benefit.
  • 28% of its weight is dietary fiber, which favors the control of cholesterol and digestive health.
  • Its antioxidants support the cellular functioning of the organism and inhibit the deterioration caused by oxidative stress.
  • They have a high contribution of mucilages, substances that support the regulation of blood glucose.
  • Its enzymes help break down fats and proteins more easily, preventing them from accumulating in deposits in the body.

How to Prepare Water with Lemon and Flax Seed to Lose Weight?

To take full advantage of the slimming properties of these foods, there is nothing better than following the water recipe with lemon and flax seed. It is a daily drink that promotes general well-being while supporting weight loss.


  • 4 cups of water (1 liter)
  • 2 tablespoons of flax seed (20 g)
  • The juice of 1 lemon


  • Pour the cups of water into a pot and bring them to a boil.
  • Once they reach their boiling point, add the linseed seeds and reduce the heat.
  • Leave them for 3 or 4 more minutes and remove them.
  • Cover the pot with a lid and let it sit for as long as necessary.
  • When it is suitable for consumption, filter it with a colander and add the lemon juice.

Consumption Mode:

  • Eat a cup of water with lemon and linseed fasting.
  • Divide the remaining drink for 3 or 4 more shots.
  • Repeat your intake at least 3 times a week.

Have you not incorporated this remedy into your regular diet yet? Go ahead and follow the recipe at home and discover for yourself how good it is to improve your weight and figure. Of course, do not forget to support it with a diet low in fat and physical activity.


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