How to Follow Weight Losing Diet for Diabetics in a Healthy Way?

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If you are diabetic and want to lose weight, you must follow a healthy diet that includes foods from all groups, with an adequate proportion throughout the day. People who suffer from diabetes need to take care of their diet in more detail. Therefore, we have developed a plan for each meal of the day, a diet based on healthy foods so you can lose weight if you are diabetic. In this way, the risks of suffering some irregularity in the blood sugar level will be reduced. It must be made clear that when it comes to following a diet to lose weight, each person has different nutritional needs. In the case of diabetics the same thing happens, the diet must be adjusted to each case.

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The Keys to a Healthy Diet

First, a healthy diet consists of following a diet that reduces the risk of diseases, while receiving the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Healthy food is one that includes a wide variety of foods, for example: vegetables, whole grains, fruit, non-fat dairy products, lean meats, white and blue fish, etc. Therefore, the goal is to follow a healthy diet that includes foods from all groups, in an adequate proportion throughout the day. In addition, it is important to make sure that the selections of each food group offer the highest quality of nutrients that can be found. In other words, we should choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber instead of processed ones. In general, people with diabetes can eat the same as the rest of the family. However, it is important to take time to plan meals, as it helps control blood sugar level and weight. In this way, you can lose weight, if you are diabetic, for sure.

What Diet Should I Follow to Lose Weight if I am Diabetic?

If you want to lose weight and you are diabetic, take care of your diet and exercise, they are concepts that work for everyone, as long as you follow the advice of a professional. It is necessary, in these cases, to lose weight with a special diet for diabetics, since obesity is a risk factor for hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Previously, we have commented that people with diabetes should take special care of their diet, an issue that is accentuated in the case of being overweight. Below, we show you different options to combine in each of the six food meals of the day.


  • Coffee with skimmed milk
  • Infusion of red tea or green tea
  • Cereals without sugar or chocolate
  • Two slices of toasted wholemeal bread with sugar-free jam

Mid Morning Appetizer

  • A piece of fruit.
  • A skimmed yogurt.
  • A cereal bar without sugar.
  • Two slices of whole wheat toast with turkey cold or fresh cheese.


  • Pasta salad with tomato, lettuce, corn, chicken, egg without yolk and vegetables. It will be important not to add mayonnaise, but to resort to options such as olive oil, yogurt sauce or soy sauce.
  • Mediterranean salad.
  • Tomatoes with oregano and fresh cheese.
  • Lentils with vegetables.
  • Chickpeas With Spinach.
  • Eggplants or peppers stuffed with minced chicken meat.
  • Dessert based on infusions or a single coffee or with skimmed milk.


  • Skimmed milk with coffee or alone.
  • Lemon or grapefruit juice.
  • Infusion of red tea or green tea.
  • Four cookies without sugar.
  • Homemade flan without sugar or skimmed yogurt.
  • Homemade cake with yogurt, lemon zest and wholemeal flour.


  • Salad with tomato, lettuce, boiled egg without yolk, onion and tuna.
  • Grilled vegetables roasted.
  • American salad with cut cabbage and carrots.
  • Vegetables boiled or pureed.
  • Scrambled eggs with prawns.
  • Grilled sole.
  • Grilled chicken breast.
  • Grilled veal.
  • Dessert based on an infusion.

Before Bedtime

  • A skimmed yogurt.
  • A glass of skimmed milk.

It is best to combine this diet with a bit of gentle exercise. Taking long walks, going for a quick 30 minutes or dancing can help you lose weight faster and burn that free sugar in your blood.

“Remember that if you inject insulin you should be careful with the drops of sugar or hypoglycemia”.

Finally, pay attention to the carbohydrates that you include in your diet, since they increase blood sugar faster than other types of foods.

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